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language translation
Proofreading & Copy Editing

At language translation we offer a comprehensive proofreading and copy editing service which ensures that your written work is presented in the best and most professional way, using correct and concise English.


Language translation offers a range of translation services to more about language translation business and personal clients worldwide, on documents in a wide range of subjects.

We are all about enjoying learning. We have 2 main activities: friendly and supportive tuitions and our famous languages academy.

We offer a full range of tutorial services at different levels: Primary, Secondary, GCSE, and A' Levels. Tuitions are available throughout the year or as language translation employment opportunities intensive courses.

A non-selective, non-denominational, co-educational international language school that provides high quality, English language-based education programmes for students from the diplomatic, international and local communities.

Patrick Boyd has an MA in holography from the Royal College of Art and has won many awards including a Fulbright Fellowship and exhibited translation equipment in many countries world wide.

Courses are scheduled to run on the last week of each month.

Google Tweaks Android Translation Tool
Google has improved Translate for Android's Conversation Mode as competition heats up with Apple's Siri.

This combination of skills ensures that our translations are completely accurate and will read as if they had been written in the target language. For more information about our translators, visit our profiles page.